Exercise: 3.7km Walk – Local Streets at Lunchtime (7’s Blue)

I had to wear my skins to bed last night as my legs were really aching. I iced them throughout the afternoon, but I didn’t actually have the dreaded ice bath that I should have. It’s just not warm enough for me to sit in cold water. I have enough trouble getting into a warm shower (must be ultra hot) let alone a freezing cold bath. Luckily when I got out of bed this morning they were feeling heaps better.

A quick walk at lunchtime gave them a bit of a workout too, and I made sure that I stretched when I’d finished.

Netball tonight. Haven’t played for 3 weeks so I have a feeling that my legs might hurt a bit tomorrow.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum your legs are really skinny!” (Yeah, right!!)