Exercise: 22km Run – MMCT (6’s)

Our long run was done along the MMCT today. Michelle and I both agreed that we can run this trail every day and still not get bored with it. It’s got a bit of everything. Some small inclines, some bitumen to run on, some nice soft trail to run on, plenty of scenery to look at and even some shady areas when the sun is beating down. And best of all there are toilets along the trail too 🙂

Michelle ran from home and met me at the start of the trail. I drove to where we normally start our runs and ran back up the trail to meet her. Then we did a nice leisurely run along the trail twice. It was quite busy today with lots of people out walking their dogs and cycling along with their kids, which was nice to see. I stopped at 22km but Michelle still had another 10km to run home so I filled up all her bottles with water that I’d brought with me and sent her on her way 🙂

I’ve become quite addicted to McDonalds Lattes. After my run yesterday morning I stopped off to get one for breakfast and again this morning. I’m not sure why they taste so good but I could drink one of them every day. I just have to resist the urge to buy a nice cake to go with the coffee 🙄

Alana’s Quote: “Mum can I have this to remind me of you when you die?” (She was talking about a TY Beanie cat that I have).