Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

Looking out of the window at 6.30am this morning, it looked very chilly, so I dressed accordingly. When I got out of the car at MMCT, the temperature had increased, very rapidly 😯 Luckily I had put a singlet on underneath my long sleeve top so I could take the long sleeved top off. I’d also put on 3/4 pants so I still got very warm as I couldn’t really take those off and run in my undies 😯

Even though I felt fine after our hill run yesterday, my legs were certainly feeling the effects this morning. Was very sluggish and it felt like forever before we got to the turnaround point. Isn’t it amazing how your body tends to feel so much better once you’re on the homeward stretch though 🙂

We stopped and chatted to JH, for a couple of minutes. He was doing some fartlek work along the trail.

I was saying to Michelle this morning what a difference an hour of more sleep makes. Normally the alarm goes off at 5.30am so that I can meet Michelle for 6am. This morning the alarm didn’t go off until 6.30am and even though I could have turned over and gone back to sleep, I didn’t have that exhausted feeling that I get when I wake up at 5.30am….weird huh 🙄

I’ve just watched Essendon lose to Carlton. How could this have happened. When I turned the TV off at half time they were winning by 50 points. I’m just shaking my head in disbelief! Next week boys, next week!! I will be there in person so you’ll hear me. I’ll be the one screaming at the umpires 🙂

Alana is now collecting Egg Flips, so every time we go to the supermarket she has to buy one. They are very smelly (in a nice kind of way). I can’t really remember collecting anything when I was a kid other than stamps, which I’m sure alot of kids did in those days. Anyone used to collect anything interesting?

Alana’s Quote: Me: “We’re going to Echuca next month”
Alana: “Do they speak English there?”