Exercise: 9.2km Run – Local Hills (6’s)

Well nothing untoward has happened to me yet (touch wood).

Michelle and I finallly did our new hilly run. And hilly it certainly was. I actually had to shut up for once and concentrate on running up them!! My calves and bum are certainly going to feel the effects tomorrow, that’s for sure.

I’ve found a new favourite song. And I’m going to share it with you too: I have it on loop at work so that it just plays and plays and plays. I’m sure I’ll get sick of hearing it sometime 🙂

On Call – Kings of Leon

I wanted to embed the video but unfortunately WordPress won’t let me do it (something to do with security and me trying to damage the site :roll:) You’ll have to click on the link instead. I may try to find it on You Tube when I get home as WordPress will allow me to embed that!

Update: Here’s the YouTube Video

JH, the numbers in brackets are there to remind me which trainers I wore so that I can add them to my spreadsheet so that I have an idea of how many km’s I’ve done in them.

Michelle and I have made the decision not to race in the Great Train Race. It wasn’t an easy decision to make as it’s one of those must do races. However, I felt so much happier once we’d made a decision. I’ll still be at the finish line cheering everyone as they come over the line, and I’ll definitely be at the pub afterwards for a drink or 10!!