Exercise: 5.2km Run/Walk (7’s Yellow) Weights – Shoulders, Situps

I met up with one of my work colleagues this morning (she lives very close to me). She has asked me if I’ll meet with her so that she has somebody to help her get into running. I was more than happy to meet her as it gives me the motivation to get out of bed and do some exercise 🙂

We did a run for 2 minute, walk for 1 minute session. I’m hoping that after this morning she wants to do it again. She did say that she felt quite exhausted when she finished, but when I got into work a bit later she told me that she felt really good.

Once I’d got home, I did a quick weights session. Worked on my shoulders and then did some situps.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason I’m just not sleeping very well. I always seem to wake up with my neck and shoulders all scrunched up right at the top of the bed. My pillow is pushed up hard against the headboard and my head is pushed into the pillow,which gives me that concertinered (sp?) feeling. I’ve tried changing how far down I sleep in the bed, which pillow I use to sleep on (I have 2 pillows), whether I use a pillow as a comforter or not (you know, when you put one down the side of you), but nothing really seems to be making much difference. I will persevere 😦