Exercise: 22km Run – Warby Trail (6’s)

After worrying that I’d have to run in rain this morning, I opened the curtains to find the sun shining – YAY!! 🙂 A quick change of clothes (I’d got all my stuff ready last night and pulled out all cool running stuff) and I was ready to go.

Drove out to Killara, and it wasn’t long before Em came running along to meet me. She’d wanted to run a bit further than me so had parked at Seville and run down to Killara. Then we headed on to Woori Yallock and met Michelle just before there. She’d been kept company from Warburton by Bek, one of her daughters, who was riding her bike alongside Michelle.

Now I have a confession. Eat Em was supposed to be running from Seville with Em, but I’d told Em the wrong time and it was only late last night that Michelle noticed on the Ausrun forum. Unfortunately Eat Em hadn’t seen the post about the change of time, so he rocked up to Seville at about 10.15, by which time we were already at Woori Yallock (having a toilet stop). We arranged for him to meet us at Woori Yallock instead, which he did in lightning speed (hope there were no speed cameras around!).

The rest of the run was at a really nice steady pace. A stop at Yarra Junction for a stretch and a refill of water bottles, and then it was onwards to Warburton. Another small stretch at Millgrove before the final incline to Warburton. Normally on this last section I tend to pick up the pace as I just want to get to the end, but today I concentrated on keeping the steady pace so that when I got to the end I wasn’t absolutely exhausted. I felt much better after the run today. My legs didn’t feel anywhere near as sore as they normally would have either.

I bottled out of the ice bath as I just felt too cold to jump in. I’ve been sitting with an ice pack under my feet though, so hopefully this will do something for the feet. I wore the PSC thingy today and it felt good. No pain at all afterwards.

Some photos after the run.

Em, Eat Em & Michelle

Em & Eat Em

Em & Michelle

These are the mountains behind Warburton. I’m pretty sure that Mt Donna Buang is over the top.


Alana’s Quote: “I wish I had super powers”
Me: “What kind of super powers?”
Alana: “Powers so that I can shoot people!” 😯 (Might have to look at the games she’s been playing on PS2!