Exercise: 3.7km Power Walk – Local Streets (Lunch time) (7’s Blue)

I’ve been a bit piggy today 😳 There was a whole table full of hot cross buns (freshly made and still warm) and Easter Eggs…..way too many for the amount of people that work in my office. And of course I dived in and ate too many. Feel a bit blah now. Well that’s my chocolate fix finished until Sunday anyway 🙄

Hopefully I’ve walked some of the crap off at lunch time, although the walk wasn’t really long enough. Unfortunately the girl that I walk with only has a specific lunch time, so I have to fit in with her, otherwise I would have probably walked for alot longer. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get at the moment.

Thankyou to everyone for your really supportive comments. Sometimes I really doubt myself when it comes to this running lark. I watch Michelle doing all her km’s (and do them easily I might add) and I feel that I just don’t have the same motivation as her to get out there and pound that pavement. But then I don’t seem to have the motivation to do anything else at the moment either 😳

With the onset of Winter this lack of motivation is only going to get worse too. As I said in a previous post, I may have to start running more in my lunch hours, when it’s not as cold (unless it’s raining of course). I’m still going to meet Michelle for our early runs, but anything else probably won’t be at 6am. Looks like the treadmill will become my friend very soon 🙂

I’m nearly at the point where I am going to turn the heating on in the evening. At the moment I’m snuggling under a blanket while watching TV, and in the morning I jump straight into the shower when I wake up, so I’m not feeling the cold. But for how much longer can I hold off?? My only saving grace is that Hubby has to do something to the heater thingy that sits outside as it’s moved slightly and we are losing hot air out of one side. Seems it’s only a small adjustment that needs to be made, so maybe this weekend is a good one to get it fixed. 🙂

I’m hoping that this weekend is going to be fine as I’d like to spend some time in my garden getting it tidied up before winter arrives. It’s time to cut back the roses and the fuscias and pull out all the straggly weeds that have appeared over the last few weeks. I’ve also got some fuscias that need to be moved as the position that they’re in at the moment is too shady and they’re not getting enough sun. And isn’t it nice to see all the lawns looking a bit greener again?

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