Exercise: 5.5km Run – Local Streets (6’s)

After my run yesterday, Michelle mentioned that I had really blue lips. I thought it best that I check out why this may have happened so I did a google search. Two causes kept appearing. Either I have Asthma or I’m dehydrated. I’m pretty sure that I don’t have Asthma, and when I think back to my hydration on Saturday and Sunday morning before the race, it all seems to fall into place. I had a pint of Powerade on Saturday evening, but didn’t really drink much water at all during the day. Sunday morning I didn’t drink anything before the race because I didn’t want to keep needing the loos.

So I probably brought my crappy run on myself. I should have hydrated better. I’ve also thought about what Eat Em said regarding my 2 runs on Friday and Saturday. Yes, maybe I should have just done an easy 5km run on Saturday rather than the 9.6km run.

Also thinking about the run, when Michelle and I do all our training runs we normally stop and stretch half way through, with maybe a refuel and toilet break on our long runs as well. So to go and run 15.2km without a stop, my body just wasn’t used to it. I’m thinking that we may need to do some training runs where we don’t stop at all. This should help prepare the body a bit better for fun runs where there is no stopping!!

Okay, that’s all I want to say on the matter. Lets move forward shall we 🙂

I was going to meet Michelle for a recovery run tonight but unfortunately Michelle couldn’t make it so I had to really motivate myself to get out there and do it by myself. I nearly talked myself out of it, but realised that if I didn’t go I’d only be letting myself down. Also the fact that my legs would probably hurt more if I didn’t run helped me get out the door.

My new PSC arrived in the mail today, so I wrapped that around my foot to give it a test drive on my run. I’m very impressed. It made a huge difference. I had absolutely no pain when I took my trainers off. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering heel pain or PF.