Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT (7’s Blue)

I was meeting Michelle for an easy run this morning at 7am. For some reason, however, my body woke me at the exact time that my alarm would normally go off during the week. Does it not realise that it’s the weekend and I get a sleep in! 🙄

What joy to run in daylight for a change. We missed all the rain too, which was great. It was a bit of a slog though. Wasn’t until about the 8km mark that both of us felt warmed up and able to run a bit faster than a crawl.

I decided to wear my new Hurricane 7’s today as they need to worn in soon so that I can add them to my shoe rotation. Unfortunately they didn’t feel very comfortable. I’m not sure if this is because of my foot, or whether the shape of them has changed slightly, or because I’ve got a new heel riser in them that hasn’t worn in yet. Will continue to wear them in and see what happens.

Went roller skating again today. The legs did complain a little bit, mainly shins. Might have to find some strengthening exercises for the shins so that I don’t injure them. Alana had a great time as my brother came over from the other side of town with his two girls and my sister in law came down with her two kids as well.

I’ve carbed up for tomorrow now. Went to Fasta Pasta for lunch after roller skating, and have also now scoffed down a lovely fresh croissant and a custard donut. Just need to get a litre of powerade into me and I’m sorted 🙂

Alana’s quote: “Why did god create head lice?”
Me: “I don’t know”
Alana: “There must be an evil god and a nice god!”