Exercise: 20km Run – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

Today’s run was in almost perfect conditions, perfect except for the fact that I thought it was going to be cooler than it actually was, so I was dressed for cold weather – I got quite warm running 🙄
My foot was okay. I was always aware that I could feel my heel, but it wasn’t actually hurting when I ran. I’m taking this as a good sign. When I got home I put my feet in an ice bath (I just couldn’t bring myself to sit in the bath) and then stretched, showered and rolled my foot around on a tennis ball for a while (now that hurt!!). I’ve also put on my new Hurricane trainers because they have the most cushioning and support and hopefully this will help my heel as well.

Wasn’t the rain on Friday night and yesterday fabulous 🙂 I took this photo on my way to my girlfriends house. The whole sky was so black, it looked really ominous. Luckily we turned right, where there was still blue sky and sunshine!! We were nicely inside my girlfriends house before the rain hit.


Still can’t believe how quickly the weather changed….but then this is Melbourne so you just come to expect it don’t you?? Friday night I was walking around in shorts and singlet with the cooling going. Saturday night I had trackie pants, thick socks and fleece on and was seriously considering putting the heating on 🙄

I tried out my new roller skates yesterday. Very nice if I do say so myself 🙂 Unfortunately Alana had a little accident and smashed her elbow on the floor (twice). The first time she fell, it wasn’t my fault, however the second time, I lost my balance while holding her hand and kind of pushed her over 😳 Her elbow now has a lovely bruise on it.


I’m undecided about how to get to R4K on Sunday. I read somewhere that they were going to put on earlier trains as the earliest one would only get to Flinders Street at 8am and the race starts at 8.30. I don’t think this will leave me much time to walk to the start, put my bag away and find everyone else for a natter before the race. I may drive in and park at Crown Casino. As I have membership there I can park for free. Then I would just have to walk up from Southbank.

Am happy to report that I’ve received my new R4K t-shirt back already. How’s that for service. I sent it off on Wednesday in an Express Bag and got the new one on Friday. I’m very impressed!!

Gazza is Michelle’s Garmin. Unfortunately he accidently got run over last week….he didn’t survive the accident 😦