Exercise: 10.4km Run – Home to Lilydale (6’s)

Michelle and I were supposed to run hills this morning, but I was asked by Hubby last night if we could run to Lilydale instead and pick up a car 😯
Seems that one of his friends at the Squash club has torn his achilles and was carted off in an Ambulance but needed to get his car home somehow, so Nick kindly offered my services to him, so when Michelle rocked up to my place this morning we made a decision to run along the back streets, which would give us a 10km run, rather than along the highway, which would have been shorter and far more dangerous.

We only got a little bit lost once, and that was after we asked a young lad who was walking his dog how to get to the lake from the estate that we were running through. Once we’d turned around and retraced our steps after coming to a dead end, we found a couple who were out walking and they gave us the correct directions 🙄

My foot pain has now moved *shakes head*. It is now on the top of my foot and it’s making it a little difficult to walk properly. It does go away after I’ve been moving around for a while, but if I sit down for any period of time, once I get back up, I’m hobbling again. More icing and stretching needed tonight I think.

I went to the Tony Bianco Shoe store in Croydon again yesterday. I only bought one pair of shoes this time 😳 I just love these shoes. It’s like finding the perfect bra. Once you’ve found that perfect fit, style and comfort you just keep buying them.

I’ve loved the kerfuffle that the new contestants on the Biggest Loser have brought to the house. I have found Courtneys reaction so funny, it keeps me entertained every night. I wonder who it is that’s going to put on weight at this weeks weigh in!!

RIP Gazza 😦