For some reason, probably because the weather is now changing (finally!!), I was in the mood to cook. I usually don’t have time during the week to do much cooking, so it was great to actually make some time today to get stuck into it. Of course there is nothing better than cooking while supping on a lovely glass of champers 🙂


This is my favourite Chicken Hot Pot recipe. I made some Dumplings to go on top of it once it had cooked.


Another favourite of mine – Kashmir Lamb, served with Basmati Rice. I’ve put everything in containers ready for freezing.


And a cooking afternoon wouldn’t be complete without Banana Muffins and Egg & Bacon Pie. Most of the muffins have now been eaten 😳


Hopefully this will make evening meal time a little less hectic for the next couple of weeks. I really enjoyed doing all the cooking. The washing up bit afterwards was a bit of a pain in the bum though 🙄

I can’t believe how much weight Munnalita lost on the Biggest Loser – 9kg!!!! OMG, to be able to lose that much in one week is just beyond comprehension. She really must have worked extremely hard and put alot of thought into her diet. I take my hat off to her. I still wanted her and Courtney to be voted out though. I suppose that out of the other two duos, it’s probably going to be Greg and Mel who get voted out as they are probably a little bit more focused on where they want to be and they have done so well with their weight loss and exercise. I’m looking forward to the final now 🙂