Exercise: 22.1km Run – Warby Trail (7’s Yellow)

After having done no exercise for 4 days straight the long run loomed again. I was a little bit worried that I was going to find this hard today due to no mileage in the legs at all. But my theory was that if I couldn’t run the distance then I’d just power walk what I couldn’t run.

Michelle drove to Warburton and ran back to meet me a couple of km’s past Woori Yallock. I drove to Killara and ran in a couple of km’s to meet her…..we met in the middle!! Michelle then turned around and ran back to Warburton with me in tow this time 🙂

This is the Warby Trail at Killara


It had been raining over night and during the early morning so I was prepared for this. I have a waterproof rain jacket which I bought when it was discovered that my other rain jacket was not waterproof.

Driving out to Killara it was a bit overcast with spots of rain. However, once I got onto the Warburton Highway it magically all vanished and the sun came out with blue skies. Yippee!! I parked up at Killara and waited for Michelle to text me to say that she was at Woori Yallock as that was when I would start running.

It was a great run with the sun out for alot of it. We did get the occasional black cloud pass us by and only had one spot of very light rain that lasted about 1 minute. Other than that it was perfect running weather.

And Michelle ran 40KM today!!!

I didn’t have an ice bath today as I just didn’t feel like it. However I am now feeling my legs much more than I was last week, so on reflection maybe I should have sat in that cold water for a little bit. Just hope the achy feeling goes away soon.

What can I say about the Biggest Loser!! Didn’t Courtnery and Munnalita get their just desserts being paired up together 🙂 Serves them both right. And now they’re back stabbing each other – HA!! I’m glad that Marty came back. He definitely deserves another chance as the way he was voted off was really unfair. And I bet that Patti felt very awkward when she was paired up with him as it was due to her stupidity that he got voted off in the first place. Can’t wait to see who goes under that yellow line!

Alana’s Quote: “Dad are you going to the Air Show?”
Dad: “Yes”
Alana: “Just be careful you don’t get blind ears!”