I had to text Michelle very early this morning that I wasn’t going to make it, as my neck was just way too sore to run. I couldn’t sleep properly and every time I turned over my back hurt, which woke me up.

I managed to get an appointment with CV for 5pm (luckily she’d had a cancellation) and it feels much better now, even though it hurt like hell while she was doing her stuff!! It’s still a bit sore but she said that it should be fine by Thursday, with no pain at all. Roll on Thursday 🙂

My trip to Tony Bianco in Croydon was very successful. I now have another 2 pairs of shoes to add to my collection. And they were both reduced in price too, which is even better!

So when do you think we’re going to get some rain then? My guess is about June 🙄 I took a wander down to the back garden and the grass is so dry that there are now huge cracks in the ground.

Had another disaster with the Yorkshire Pudding mixture tonight. It was very rubbery and doughy. Just can’t seem to get it right! I’m going to start looking at different recipes, although how different can they be….it’s just plain flour, egg and milk for goodness sake!!

Alana’s Quote: “Mum I just don’t get you!”