Exercise: 30 Min Power Walk (Lunch Time)

Wow, where did that weekend go??? Happy to report that no chocolate was consumed (Choco Frappe’s don’t count!!), also no alcohol apart from one Bacardi Breezer on Friday night after work. I did no running but I walked the streets of Collingwood on Saturday and did gardening yesterday. I reckon that counts as exercise doesn’t it??

I have found the most fantastic shoes. Why hasn’t anyone told me about these before? They are Tony Bianco’s. I found a little shop on Smith Street and I could have spent a fortune in there. I came away with only 2 pairs (see I can refrain when I need to!!). I have also found out that there’s an outlet in Croydon so guess where I’m going at lunch time tomorrow!! I’ll put up a photo of the shoes once I’ve downloaded them.

And whilst I was in Collingwood I went into all the factory outlets – Adidas, Nike, Converse, etc., plus all the clothes outlets. Yes the credit card got a good walloping :-).

Hubby and I did the dutiful parent thing on Saturday night and took Alana and her 2 cousins, who were staying at our place the night, roller skating. I felt very old. I remember when my parents used to drop me off at Roller Skating and pick me up at 10.30pm. How time flies.

One of the girls at work has asked me if I’ll do some exercise with her at lunch times, so I’m now doing 3 lunch times per week of either running or power walking. All good 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Have you and Daddy had sex before?” (we can’t seem to get away from this subject at the moment!!)