Exercise: 10km Run – Local Hills (7’s Yellow)

When I went to bed last night my right butt cheek was a little sore. There was a constant dull throb eminating (sp?) out of the muscle and no matter how much I stretched it wouldn’t go away. Stu, before you ask, no I didn’t ice it.

Anyway i got up this morning and it wasn’t so much a dull ache but more of a slight tenderness. I wasn’t sure if hill work would help or hinder it but what the hell, we ran the hills anyway.

Our times are coming down very slowly….and it is SLOW! This week we ran 36 seconds faster than last week. It certainly didn’t feel faster that’s for sure. My legs were feeling very heavy, probably because I ran last night as well. I did wear the light though, and it made heaps of difference. I was actually able to see the dog poo on the footpath before I stepped in it!!

I’m having withdrawal symptoms at the moment as the Ausrun forum is down…..deep breaths – in, out, in, out 🙄

Alana’s Quote: “Is that how you have sex?” (she was watching me and Hubby cuddle – can you see a trend here!!)