Pinch, punch, first day of the month….and so far so good. I haven’t felt the urge to eat chocolate, even though my brain is telling me constantly that it was a stupid challenge!! And who decided that it was Charity Chocolate time? We have 2 boxes in the staff kitchen this morning 🙄

My Trigger Point Therapy book has finally arrived. I can now take the other one back to the library. All up it took exactly 7 weeks to arrive. It came surface mail. I think I’ll pay the extra for airmail next time!!

So to answer a few more questions:

Eat Em, Lee – Yes the picture in the header is the Warby Trail. It was taken in between Woori Yallock and Seville.

Regarding the lights, I saw them advertised in the latest Bunnings catalogue for $9.92, whereas I paid $20 for them last year. They are very easy to use, just fit them on the peak of your cap and away you go. AJH, we turn them off once it gets light enough, and they actually sit under the peak so you can’t see them at all. They don’t bounce around at all as they are attached to the cap. Think of it like sliding a paper clip onto a piece of paper.

Stu – Michelle and I meet at 6am so yes it is dark at that time of the day. It normally starts to get a bit lighter by about 6.30ish.

I had the day off yesterday so decided to do some cooking. I had a couple of bananas that were very ripe (too ripe to eat normally) so made some Banana Muffins. Also made some Date Scones, although they are a little bit dry. This was from a Weight Watchers recipe, which was very easy to do.


Have arranged to meet Michelle tonight for an easy 10km run.