Exercise: 10km Run – MMCT (6’s)

Did I say it was going to be an easy 10km run tonight?? It was a hard slog, that’s what it was. I’m not sure if it was because I’m not used to running in the evening, whether I’d drunk too much water before running, or just because it was a crappy run, but it wasn’t nice.

When we ran on Tuesday morning, we’d noticed there was a sign pointing to toilets which we hadn’t seen before. (The fact that we’ve run this trail at least 50 times and have never seen the sign before is quite baffling isn’t it!! :roll:) So tonight was a very opportune time to visit those toilets. And it’s good to know that they are there now as it means that I won’t have to go “bush” any more. I just hope that they are open early in the morning.

I ran 168.7km in February. I’m hoping that I can increase that to 200km for March

Alana’s Quote: “Mum how old will I be when you die?”