Exercise: 21km Run – Warby Trail (6’s)

Michelle and I had decided to run to Warburton this morning along the Warby Trail. Marty (Michelle’s hubby) was going to pick us up at the end of the trail.

I met Michelle at Killara. Michelle had already done 15km due to her starting at Lilydale. I have to say that doing a point to point run is so much easier than an out and back course, plus the fact that I haven’t run any further than Yarra Junction along the trail. It was all new territory to me, and the scenery was just so gorgeous.

We were very lucky that it was fairly overcast for most of the run, but was still warm with no rain (yay!!). The trail was quite busy this morning with lots of walkers and bike riders. Only saw one other runner. We stopped at Yarra Junction for a loo break and a bit of a stretch and then continued on to Warburton. The time seemed to fly this morning for some reason.

It was great to see Marty at the end. We had a quick stretch and then jumped into the car as Michelle had to get to work. Marty dropped me off at my car and I had a nice leisurely drive home. Hopped into an ice bath again. It worked wonders last week on my legs and I had absolutely no aches and pains.

Here’s a piccie of me and Michelle after our run.


Alana’s Quote: “Are you two having sex?” (Me and hubby were just having a cuddle!!)