Exercise: 10km Run – Local Hills (7’s Yellow)

The temptation NOT to run hills was great this morning. But I thought that if I don’t get enough hill running in them I’m going to be very under prepared for the Puffing Billy Run in May.

So hills it was. Michelle and I were both suffering from lack of sleep so the run was VERY slow. But we did the 10km circuit without stopping once. And it was singlet and Running Skirt weather this morning – very warm and humid.

When I received my new fuel belt last week, I immediately washed the water bottles out. Unfortunately one of them had a split in the bottom and was leaking. I rang on Monday to see if I could get a replacement, which came in the mail on Wednesday. I also ordered a couple of the bigger bottles at the same time. I just hope it’s not too heavy now to carry whilst I’m running.

This cartoon made me laugh 🙂


Alana’s Quote: “I wish God had given us 3 sets of teeth!”