Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT

Perfect weather for running at 6am. It was 19 degrees, which was warm enough for me to wear shorts and singlet. It’s the first time this summer that I’ve worn a singlet for my early run. Have I told you all how much I feel the cold 🙄

Michelle and I had been discussing the 8 second fast run followed by 12 second recovery run on our long run so we decided to try it out this morning. We did this along 4 sections of the trail. I have to say that it felt really good. The 8 second sprint was enough to get the heart rate up but not far enough to have no energy for the next sprint, and the 12 second recovery was just enough time to get your breath back ready for the next sprint. We’re going to increase each section gradually until we are doing it for a straight 20 minutes – which might take a few months but we’ll get there in the end!!

Thought this might amuse some of you – a photo of SOME of my weight loss and diet books (there are more!!)


This THING appeared in front of me last night. I was merrily doing my own thing in the kitchen and suddenly there it was!! I started to stand on it (like any sane person does) but it didn’t feel right when I put my foot on it so I just squashed it a little bit, then screamed at Hubby to come and see what it was!! Brave wasn’t I 🙄


I think it’s one of these things. I’ve no idea what it was doing in the house, but I’m more worried about the fact that there may be more of them hidden somewhere! I’m not really a squirmy person when it comes to bugs and things, but this cricket was just a bit too big for my liking!