Exercise: 20km Run – Warby Trail (7’s Yellow)

HOT, HOT, HOT – that’s how I felt when I’d finished the run. Michelle parked her car at Seville and ran the 7.5km to meet me at Woori Yallock, which is where I parked. It was already up to 25 degrees at 8.30 and getting hotter by the minute. Of course the sun came out as soon as we started to run – it had been cloudy up until then!!

There were plenty of people on the trail, mainly walkers and cyclists, probably trying to beat the heat of the day. We started really well and were doing under 6 min k’s (maybe not a good thing!!). We turned around at the 10km mark, which was just a bit further than Yarra Junction, and ran back to the toilets at Yarra Junction to have a loo break, fill up water bottles and have a bit of a stretch.

We were both wearing our coolties, which were absolutely fantastic. They really helped keep the body temperature down, even though it was so bloody hot.

I did start to struggle a little bit at the 15km mark. Had a stretch and a drink then carried on. Had to have another stop with about a km to go. That last km was definitely the hardest, especially as the trail is in full sun and you can see where the carpark is. I just had to keep my head down and keep plodding along.

Finally made it back to the car. What a huge relief that was. Refilled Michelles water bottles and sent her on her way. She still had to run another 7.5km back to her car. I didn’t envy her!! But what a star – she ran 35km today – how amazing is that!! And the temp had risen to 30 degrees by the time I finished – way too hot to be out running!

On the way back home I saw the convoy of buses and mini-buses all heading to the wineries for Grape Grazing. I’m going tomorrow – yippee!! Seems that one of my girlfriend’s son’s friends’ parents (get all that??) owns one of the wineries that are doing the grape grazing, so we’re off there. Wilbur Wilde is going to be there, so that should be fun! I just need to remember to drink water in between glasses of wine. Maybe I should text my boss to say that I might be late in on Monday 🙂

I got home and decided to see what all this sitting in a cold bath thing is all about. I filled the bath with cold water, got in and then chucked a couple of trays of ice cubes in. Wasn’t too bad actually. Sat there for about 15 minutes and then jumped into a cool shower. The legs don’t feel too sore, just a little bit tired.

Right, I’m off to sit under the cooling duct!

*Edit* – I emptied the bath water onto the plants tonight and I must have lugged at least 10 five litre buckets outside – I’d only filled up the bath so that my legs were immersed!!