Exercise: 12km Run – Local Streets (including hills) (6’s)

OOOwwwwww!!! That’s how my legs are feeling. Can’t believe how much pain I’m still in after playing Netball on Monday night. When Michelle showed up at my place this morning I begged her not to run hills, which she kindly agreed to. So we set off on a relatively flat run.

However things changed when she realised at about the 1km mark that she’d dropped her key pod from her shoe so we had to retrace our steps until we found it, which we did, about 500metres from my house. So we changed course and ran a different way. I’d forgotten to start Gav, so had to rely on Michelle to let me know how far we’d run. As we’d only done 5km when I enquired how far we’d run, I thought we might detour and run down a street which I know has a nice hill (what was I thinking!!). The legs coped, but they did complain alot when I was stretching as it hurt so much.

All up a very SLOW run, but longer than I originally planned. It was very warm out at 6am and it didn’t take very long to get a good sweat going – YUK!!

I wanted to do my Yassos last night but the thought of running on that treadmill at 12kph just filled me with dread. I knew it was going to hurt…ALOT! I may try to do them tomorrow instead.

This is the vew from my window at work. I sit staring outside alot!


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