Exercise: 16km Run – MMCT (6’s)

Michelle was at my door at 8.30am….I was ready to go! Whereas last week runing up the hill that takes us up to Yarra Road was very very hard, today it just didn’t seem that difficult or steep – no idea why, just wasn’t so hard on the legs!

The run was slow, very slow – but very comfortable and enjoyable. I would like to have run further today but unfortunately time was not on my side as I had to be at Healesville at 12pm and it takes at least 30 minutes to get there, so had to be ready to leave home at 11.30 – no mean feat when you’ve only got 40 minutes to get ready.

Here’s a piccie of MMCT this morning – beautiful as ever 🙂


Lunch was very nice. Went for a Smorgersboard at the Healesville RACV Country Club (very posh what!!). And I’m happy to report that I didn’t overeat, although I did visit the dessert table twice!

Netball starts tomorrow night – should be interesting 😯

Alana’s Quote: “Wow look at those old fashioned cars!” (an old LE Monaro and an old GT Ford)