Exercise: 10km Run – Local Streets (6’s)

Michelle met me at my place this morning as we were going to run some hills. Unfortunately I drank a couple of cans of the new Cougar Zero last night and also had a bag of White Choc Raspberry Bullets and they really didn’t agree with me and I felt quite nauseus sick this morning.

So we decided to run a flatter course around the local streets. I have struggled in the past with the course that we ran as there are a couple of inclines that tend to sap the energy quite quickly but this morning I sailed up them, even with my dodgy tum! I’m sure it’s because I’m so involved with my chatting to Michelle that I just don’t notice where I am and what’s ahead of me!

Both Michelle and I use the little key holder that hooks onto your trainers. It was free in Special K packs a while ago. Anyway on our way back to my place Michelle spots hers on the ground. It had fallen off on the way out and neither of us noticed it. It was only on the way back that Michelle saw it. Just as well I didn’t choose to run a different way home! Can’t believe that nobody else picked it up. Very lucky!!

Alana’s Quote: “Mum can Kerry do my hair the same as the White Witch?”
Me: “You’ll have to ask her when we see her next” (Kerry is my hairdresser)
Alana: “I’m sure she can do it as she’s a hair artist!”