Exercise: 31.5km Bike Ride – Warby Trail

I had the day off today for two reasons. The first being that it was Alanas first day back at school and both Hubby and I wanted to walk in with her and make sure she was comfortable in her new class. No problems there, all went really well!

Second reason, and much more important, it’s my birthday…Hooray!! I had two options. I could lounge around doing nothing, go out for lunch and pig out, drink lots of alcohol, or I could get out on the bike for a ride, then stop at a cafe and have something light to eat with a couple of glasses of bubbly to celebrate. So I chose option 2.

We had a fantastic ride. It was perfect weather, there was hardly anyone on the trail and the company was wonderful. We started at Mt Evelyn and rode down to Woori Yallock, had a bit of a rest, watched all the other riders go by, then hopped back on the bikes and headed back up to Mt Evelyn.


I wore my Running Skirt and it was just so comfortable. One of the best buys I’ve made.

As I said, when we got back to Mt Evelyn we stopped at the cafe next to the trail and had some wedges and a couple of glasses of bubbly. This is the view we had. from our table.


Now I have a complaint to make. One of my birthday presents was going to be a new Fuelbelt. Looking at the Fuel belt website it states that I can buy a Fuel belt at Anaconda in Bayswater. So once we’d dropped Alana off at school, we drove down there. Wandered round the shop for a while trying to locate said Fuelbelt, but couldn’t see it anywhere. We asked a sales person if they sell them only to be told that they don’t stock them. Now what is the point of advertising that something is available somewhere when it isn’t???

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!!