Exercise: 7km Run – Dorset Golf Course (7’s Yellow)

I had the best run tonight. I felt great for the whole 7kms. Looked at my watch after the run and I did an average of 5.35 pace…..OMG! Looks like the hills and the long runs are finally starting to pay off!…..5.35 pace!! Okay the track around the perimeter of the golf course is pretty flat with just a couple of very small inclines so it’s a good place to run a fast pace. I stopped after the first lap and my watch said 19.44 for 3.5km. I was totally gobsmacked when I saw that.

The second lap my legs were starting to tell me that I was running faster than normal. I thought that I might practice something that Michelle had spoken to me about earlier this week. I ran fast for 8 seconds and slowed down enough to recover for 12 seconds, then upped the speed again for 8 seconds, and slowed again for 12. I did this for about 4 or 5 minutes and even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it for very long, it actually wasn’t too bad and I felt that I could have kept doing it for longer if I’d wanted to…I didn’t of course, which is why I stopped! I might try to continue doing this. It can only help my running I’m sure!

Oh yeah, back to the time – I did a negative split. The second lap I ran 19.30. Woo hoo!!

Alana’s Grandparents in the UK sent her a christmas present back at the beginning of November. They sent it via Parcel Force using their International Economy option. They quote delivery is between 42 – 61 days. It took 86 days to get here!! How bad is that! Oh well, Alana certainly enjoyed getting another present, even if it did take nearly 20 minutes to get the doll out of the box, getting all the twists and ties undone that the manufacturers had used to keep it in place.


Alana’s Quote: “Mum my pants don’t feel very comfortable”
Me: “That’s ‘cos you’ve got them on backwards!”