Exercise: 16km Run – Warby Trail (7’s Yellow)

A late night last night meant that when the alarm went off at 6.30am I did not jump out of bed full of beans!! As I’d got my stuff organised last night it was a case of getting dressed whilst trying to wake up fully. I would have loved a cup of coffee but as I never drink much before a run, this didn’t seem like such a good idea.

I was meeting Emma and Michelle at Seville, picking them up and driving up to Woori Yallock. Em had a better idea so we ran out from Seville instead. The only downside to this was that I had to wait until we got to Woori Yallock to go to the loos. If we’d driven there I could have stopped off before we started running, so running for 8km with a number 2 waiting was fun (NOT!). All I can say was that instead of the normal leisurely pace that I like to run, I upped it slightly just so that I could get to those toilets quicker!!

As Emma was doing 20km and me and Michelle had opted to do 15km, we parted ways with Emma continuing along the trail for a bit further whilst me and Michelle turned and headed back towards the cars. Em had mentioned that she would try and catch us up when she turned around to head back, but for some reason the competitive steak in me reared its ugly head (this is a very rare occurence). So we upped the pace slightly on the way back. It was nothing like Emmas pace (check out her post today), but we were doing under 6min k’s and this was up an incline for most of the way back. We got back to the cars about 5-7 mins before Emma. She had an amazing run back. Well done girl!

I’ve been really lethargic this afternoon and even dozed off in front of the tv for a while. Had to go and have a bit of a nap but unfortunately I just couldn’t get the sound of the tv or the computer out of my head enough to actually sleep, so when I got back up I had a bit of a dull head. I’ve tried to get some more fluid in to me and have also just had a pint of Berocca. I can see myself staring at the ceiling at midnight tonight!!

Some photos of today’s run.

Emma and Michelle on the run (literally)!


Heading out towards Woori Yallock


Heading back towards Seville


The girls after the run. I tried out the self timer on the camera phone!