Exercise: 6.2km Power Walk – Local Streets

I looked out of the window this morning when I got out of bed to find that it had been raining overnight, and looking as if it was going to rain again at any minute. But instead of my usual negativity towards the rain, I jumped out of bed and got ready to go. My reason for the positive attitude this morning??? Well I bought myself a lovely waterproof rain jacket last winter and hardly used it, and what’s the use of buying it if I don’t use it!! And it was invaluable this morning.

I would have posted a couple of pictures from my phone camera, which I’d taken with me, but as I’m still a bit vague with some of it’s uses, I hadn’t checked what mode the camera was in, and it was only when I’ve gone to download them that I’ve realised that it was in video mode, not camera mode, hence no photos.

The photos (that I thought I’d taken) showed both sides of the road I was walking along. One side had brilliant blue skies and sunshine, the other side (which I had to walk back up to get home) had these massive black clouds looming. Luckily it only started raining about 10 minutes before I got home, but the jacket kept me warm and dry! Yay for waterproof jackets!

I also went roller skating with Alana this morning. She has her lesson and then gets to have some free skating in the session after the lessons finish. I took the plunge and ordered myself a new pair of quads today. Nice purple ones too! They will not be in stock until next week so I had to use the hire ones today, which I hate as they are just so crappy! Can’t wait to get the new ones on my feet, then I can whizz around the rink and look like I know what I’m doing (which I don’t!!) I can’t even skate backwards, which I should learn to do. And I dread it when they make us skate clockwise as I can’t go round the corners that way either.

I’m going to put my Panasonic VS3 Mobile Phone on Ebay if anyone is interested. Here’s a photo of it with all the other stuff that came with it. It’s 12 months old but is still in really good condition. There’s a tiny bit of wear and tear on it but nothing that’s really noticeable. I’m looking for between $100 and $150 for it.


Just had to get up and answer the door. There’s an Indian woman there, who I could hardly understand, so have no idea what she’s saying. What I do know is that she’s trying to sell me electricity. I wanted to just stand there and let her do her speil then say no thankyou, but Hubby came up behind me and asked her outright what she was trying to sell us. Think she was a bit taken aback as she started to make some excuse. I then pipped in with the “if you’re selling electricity then we’re very happy with who we’re using thankyou”. With that she stormed off! Don’t you just love that they call around at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening (shakes head!).

Now my dilema is, do I go out at 8pm and water the garden, knowing that it’s been raining on and off during the day and may even rain some more this evening???