Exercise: 7.4km Run – Parents House to Home (7’s Yellow)

My Mum was looking after Alana today so I asked if she’d mind hanging on to her for a little while longer so that I could go out for a quick run after work. She suggested that I should run home from her place and her and my Dad would drive Alana back over to my place. Works for me!!

I felt really strong on this run (apart from the never ending incline in the first km of the run!!). There was quite a bit of flat and downhill running too. The hardest part is always the last bit as I have to run up a steepish hill to get back to my place. But it felt good. Tiimewise I did most of my 1km splits in under 6min K’s so I was really happy about this too.

It’s good to see that the price of bananas has finally come down to an acceptable level. I got some for $1.97per kg. And I got my petrol yesterday for $104.9 (less my 4c voucher). Happy about this too!!

We’re not sure how but somehow or another Alana was either bitten by something or touched something which gave her an allergic reaction and the right hand side of her face puffed up, including her lips. It only happened between the time that I left my Mums house and the time they arrived at my house. I gave her some Demazin as soon as I walked in the door and saw how puffy her face was, and the swelling did go down a bit. Alana couldn’t tell us what had happened either as she didn’t think that anything had bitten her and couldn’t remember touching anything unusual!

I made some really scrummy Chicken Burgers tonight. They were very quick and easy to make too.

Recipe if anyone is interested:

Makes 8 decent sized Burgers

1kg Chicken Mince
1 Egg
Stuffing (or dried breadcrumbs)
Diced Onion
Salt & Pepper
Flour to coat burgers

Throw into a frying pan and cook, then eat. Delish!

You can also add any type of marinade if you want a different flavour. I sometimes throw in some soy sauce.

My Trigger Point Therapy Workbook still hasn’t arrived and I have to take the one from the library back tomorrow, so I’ve photocopied all of the relevant pages that I thought I might need to refer to. If anyone wants a PDF copy of Shoulders, Back, Buttocks and Legs just let me know and I’ll email them to you.