Exercise: 6.3km Power Walk – Local Streets

I’ve decided that I’m not really an early morning person any more. I used to enjoy getting up early and getting the exercise out of the way, knowing that it was done and dusted. However lately I haven’t wanted to get up early (apart from meeting Michelle for our early run). I am enjoying the evening exercise much more, probably due to the fact that it is warm and sunny still.

I started work early this morning so that I could finish early, therefore have more time this evening to get out for a power walk. I probably could have run tonight but I just wanted to walk. I even considered jumping on the treadmill when I got back from my walk, but quickly erased that idea!!

I’ve had a bit of a clearout of my running tops. I used to run in mostly cotton tops, many of them the ones that were given out after entering a fun run, but slowly I have been building up my collection with proper running tops and singlets that breathe (dri-fit etc). I have put the old t-shirts and singlets in a separate pile and have kept all the good ones in the drawer. Counting them, I now have 19 tops to choose from!! SmileyCentral.com Okay a couple of them are long sleeve ones that won’t come out until it starts getting cold, but the majority are either singlets or short sleeve tops. It’s amazing how quickly the pile builds!! Kmart and Target are now starting to stock more dri-fit equivalent stuff, which is great as they are half the price of the Nike, Asics etc brands.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum I’m going to miss you when you die!” (does she know something I don’t!!!)