Exercise: 13km Run – Sherbrooke Forest (7’s Yellow)

Woke up this morning expecting to hear the rain, but to my delight it had stopped. Now I know that we are in a desparate situation with the water situation and I am so happy that we have had some rain, but today I was running, and for anyone who knows me, I hate running in the rain. You can imagine my joy when I checked out the weather radar, which showed absolutely no rain coming our way at all – YEEHA!!

I met Michelle and Emma in the bottom car park of the FTG National Park. They both jumped into my car and we headed up to Sherbrooke Forest. We didn’t really have a route mapped out, we were just going to run and see where we ended up.

The first loop was fairly tame, with only one incline. We ended up back at the car park after about 6km. We then headed back out again, this time via a different trail. This one led right down to The Falls. We actually missed The Falls and ran right past the track that would have taken us down there. Instead we ended up on a trail that Michelle and I had done the last time that we visited Sherbrooke Forest and vowed never to do that trail again…..OMG, here we go again!


As you can see from the elevation chart above, the second hill we had to get up was a monster. None of us were able to run up it, we had to power walk the whole way up, that’s how steep (and slippery) it was. I was a little concerned that there may be Leeches lurking as it was still very damp and muggy. Luckily nothing attached itself to me otherwise everyone visiting Sherbrooke Forest this morning would have heard my screams!!

We finally got to the top of the hill and ran back down to the car park. My calves were telling me that they’d had enough so I called it quits then. Michelle and Emma on the other hand decided to do another loop as per the first one we did, and then they ran back down the mountain to where their cars were parked, which was about 7km. Their legs will be very tired and I’m sure they’re going to feel it in their quads tomorrow. I know Em will be sitting in her ice bath with her cup of tea at least and Michelle will just continue on as per normal, just taking it all in her stride!!

I hope it didn’t rain on them as this was what the sky looked like where they were still running.



My gym membership has now finished (I had to give 30 days notice when I quit) so I have no options but to use the equipment that is in the garage. We have decided to bring the bench and hand weights inside as it was just way too easy to avoid going out there. Now with it at arms reach, it should be alot easier to get off my butt and just do it!

In answer to your question AJH about the numbers and colours in brackets, that’s to remind me what trainers I was wearing so that I can log it on my spreadsheet. I have a pair of Saucony Hurricane 6’s, and two pairs of 7’s, one pair yellow and the other pair blue!

And Jo, don’t tease me about the Next catalouge. How I miss shopping at Next. For anyone who has never visited or lived in the UK, Next is one of those clothing shops that you can walk into knowing full well that there is going to be something hanging on the rack that you’ll just love. Check out the online catalouge.

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