Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

Why is it that I can never seem to get up on Monday mornings? I had all my stuff organised and ready for doing a spin class too. Unfortunately the power went out at about 2.30am and Alana came into our bedroom all upset (she can’t sleep in the dark) and she ended up in our bed. Hubby swapped places and jumped into her bed. Now if you’ve ever slept with a child in the bed you’ll know that they are never still or quiet when they sleep – hence I got very little sleep after 2.30am, which meant that I was in no condition to get up at 5.45am to do a spin class.

Then when I got home last night I was tired and cranky. I didn’t want to go back out once I’d got home so the gym was a no go, and as it was fairly warm in the garage I didn’t want to run on the treadmill as I had minimum energy as it was. So yesterday was taken as a rest day.

Was up bright and early this morning, meeting Michelle for our normal run along the MMCT. My quads are sore, just because they haven’t had to do much distance running lately. We must have looked really funny as we were both running like old ladies.

Alana’s front tooth came out on Sunday night and she is now completely toothless on the top. Hopefully the new ones will begin to grow down soon!

And which silly person raced out to water plants last night at 8.30pm, only realising, after a few minutes of not hearing the next door neighbour watering their plants, that it is in fact Tuesday nights that we water, not Monday…..Doh!!