Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill (6’s), 15 Mins Cross Trainer, Legs, Situps

Alana decided that she was going to let me and Hubby know that there was thunder and lightning outside – at 4.30am!! Needless to say when the alarm went off I was not in the mood for gym, or getting out of bed, so the alarm was turned off and sleep was resumed!

Hubby got home in good time, which gave me the opportunity to get down to the gym before it closed (8pm on Fridays). I had a great run on the treadmill, which I was very surprised about. I felt good for the whole run, and had it up to about 11.5 on occasions. Mostly it was at 10.5kph, which I was also very happy with.

I’ve only got another week left of my gym membership so I really should try and make the most of my last week there.

I’ve decided to do a long run with Michelle on Sunday. Now before you all get worried, I’m not going to do the 25km that Michelle intends to run. I’ll be doing 15km (out and back course), leaving Michelle to do the last 10km and picking her up at the end. This should work for both of us.


I heard on the radio today (and read later on the BBC Website) that David Beckham is moving over to the US to play Soccer there. They are going to pay him a million dollars per week. Can you imagine that??? I think it’s really just so that Posh can make it in the US. They haven’t taken to her at all over there, so this is probably all her doing! David Beckham is one of my favourite men to ogle as long as he doesn’t speak.

Saw a couple of cool number plates today: YEHAR and BLINKI