Exercise: 9.8km Run – Home to Bayswater (7’s Yellow)

Alana started her Roller Skating lessons again this morning, so I thought what better than to run to the rink from home. Hubby would drive down and I could meet them there.

It was hot, windy, and the flies were a pain in the a**e! My calves protested alot! I had to stop every couple of km’s for a stretch and a drink, but I got there in the end. It’s the first time that I’ve run on concrete and bitumen for ages so I can understand why the calves were complaining.

It was wonderful walking into the rink once I’d got there as it is air conditioned and cooled me down quite quickly, probably due to the amount I was sweating!

And do you know the good thing…..no knee pain at all – YAY!! I was thinking that maybe the pain was because of my trainers, and I’d started looking around for some different ones, but I can happily report that I was wearing the Hurricane 7’s (which I thought were the problem) and there was no pain at all. PHEW – Credit card abuse aborted!!

I weighed in this morning (check out the weight page), and although the scales only showed a 400g loss, I feel as if I’ve lost inches. My stomach is definitely a little bit flatter than it was last week, that’s for sure!!

I’m back at work on Monday and am hoping to make the most of my last week of gym membership. Will be trying to get there during lunch most days for some weight workouts.