Exercise: 5.1km Run – Streets (6’s)

Well what should have been a comfortable 10km run turned out to be an excrutiatingly painful 5km run/walk/give up!!

Circumstances this morning meant that I drove to work with Hubby, dropped him off, and then me and Alana carried on down to the beach. I came up with a better plan. Hubby drops me off about 10km away from his work and I can run from there. There is a track that detours off the main road and takes me almost to his work. Good idea so far!! Knowing that it was a warm day I doused myself in insect repellant, sunscreen and some bodyglide.

Unfortunately I found out that I hadn’t put the bodyglide in all the areas necessary to avoid chafing. I’ve bought a new pair of Nike shorts and instead of briefs inside them they’ve got little shorts, so it’s like I’m wearing bike shorts under my shorts (does that make sense??). My problem was that I didn’t put the bodyglide where the end of the bike shorts came to and of course they rubbed. I tried to carry on for as long as I could, but had to give up in the end and call Hubby to come and get me.

I was not impressed as I was actually feeling really good today and was getting into the run, even with the heat. And you should have seen the mother of a hill that I had to get up….and it was at the beginning of my run, so my legs were like Jelly after about 2km!

The beach was great. Wasn’t sure which beach to go to as I don’t often go along Beach Road, other than to run races, so just drove down to the end of Warrigul Road and turned left, and voila, there was a lovely beach right in front of us! I’m a little bit burnt and have a bit of a sun head (headache) but it was lovely to sit on the beach for a change!


Thankyou Deege for pointing out my typo….not sure what I was thinking – maybe hoping Christmas was on the horizon again 🙂