Well it’s just about the end of the year and I’m pretty happy about that.

There have been some really good times, but there’s also been some not so good times, mostly related to my running and weight (well, what else is there!!).

I had a few niggles with my knee and my calf this year, and some of my races have been quite poor because of this. Also my lack of motivation added to the poor races. Why would anyone drink copious amounts of champagne and junk food the night before the Great Ocean Road 1/2 Marathon? Then go and follow it up by running the Williamstown 1/2 Marathon the following weekend.

I’m not the type of person to make many goals as I hate the thought of failure, and not carrying out and completing those goals. I have lots of “maybe” things in my brain that I may consider doing.

Maybe I’ll do the proper training to complete a Marathon.
Maybe I’ll actually do some proper stretching so that my knee gets better.
Maybe I’ll start upping my distances again once the knee is better.
Maybe I’ll start looking at my food intake and make better choices.
Maybe I’ll stick to a proper training program.
Maybe I’ll create a proper training program that I can stick to.
Maybe I’ll try and iron every week so that the ironing basket doesn’t overflow.

Okay, enough of the maybes!

I want to say a huge thankyou to my bestest friend Michelle, who, if it hadn’t been for her encouragement and support, I would not have got out to run as often as I did.
When I moved back from the UK in 2003, I didn’t think that I’d ever find anyone that could fill the shoes of my best friends of those in the UK. I was very lucky that I met Michelle. I knew the instant that we started chatting that she was somebody that I wanted as a friend, and it didn’t take long to realise that she was easily going to be my bestest buddy.

And there’s also the fantastic group of people that I’ve met on the Ausrun Forum. I know that there will always be someone who wants to get out for a run and they are always so happy to run, whatever distance or speed we’re going.

Roll on 2007!