Thankyou to everyone for their tips on Yorkshire Puddings….BUT where were you all when I needed you on Christmas Day – while I was slaving over a hot oven, willing these Yorkshire Puddings to rise!!

I have a feeling that it was maybe the Olive Oil I used for the pan. I don’t keep lard anywhere in our house and the only oil we have is Extra Vigin Olive Oil, which is what I used. Maybe I’ll go buy some lard just for the Yorkshire Puddings.

And I finally got the feed RSS thing to work. It was something to do with the encoding in the options bit. Anyway you can now all subscribe.

Not sure about this Ebay diversion thing though when leaving a comment. I typed a comment myself and I didn’t get diverted at all. Has anyone else had this happen to them other than Beki and Em?

Okay, I’m off to make a Banana & Walnut Loaf. I’ve got a couple of very ripe Bananas and there’s no way that I’m throwing them out, not with how much they cost! Will post a piccie.