Exercise: 1hr 10min Power Walk – Local Streets (7’s Blue)

My weight gain is really starting to get to me. So much so that it is really bringing me down and is creating an unpleasant environment at home.

Hubby pushed motivated me enough to get out the door for a walk – I know that I wouldn’t have gone if I’d been at home on my own. I thank him for pushing motivating me to get me off my a**e and do some exercise. It was a beautiful evening for a walk. The sun was this huge ball of brilliant red setting on the horizon. I could smell the BBQ’s as I walked past the houses, and people were plugging in their christmas lights, getting ready for the steady stream of cars that drive by looking at all the houses lit up with the beautiful lights.

Unfortunately the last km was not so good….let’s just say that I was happy to get home, pushing past hubby on the way in the doorso that I get to the little boys room!!