Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT

Righto, who hit me over the head and gave me a stonking hangover!!! And what fool runs in the afternoon heat with said hangover???…..oh yeah, that would be me and Michelle!

Okay, so after drinking 3 bottles of champers last night (it was Michelle, she made me do it!) I felt pretty ordinary this morning. And somehow during my drunken evening I’d agreed to do a run with Michelle this afternoon, and I couldn’t go back on my decision now could I!!

I was hoping to do 9km but I just didn’t have the energy to run more than 7km. And the fact that we had to run past the cars to do any further than 7km really topped it off for me. I suppose I can say that at least I got out there, even with everything against me!

Before the run we went over to Eastland Shopping Centre so that I could find a new dress for my work Xmas party. Saw Clarkey and his family on the way in. He was on the way out!! Happy to report that I’ve found a dress. Not happy to report that I definitely need to lose between 5 & 10kg!!

We don’t have a full length mirror at home so when I was in the changing rooms it was a bit of a shock to actually see my body full length. Not a pretty sight I have to tell you. I could see exactly where I’ve put all the weight on. I don’t want to be this heavy and untoned any more. I’ll let this week pass by without worrying and complaining too much, but come Boxing Day look out world!

I’m going to copy Em and get myself a new blog at WordPress. Just need to set it up and copy everything over….

Alana’s Quote: Me: “Who do you want to go with Alana, me or Dad?”
Alana: “Dad ‘cos he’s going to the bottle shop!” (I was going to the supermarket)