Exercise: 5.5km Run – Treadmill, 0.5km Power Walk with Incline

I christened the new treadmill this morning. Have to say that I didn’t want to get out of bed when the alarm went off, but the thought of just walking out to the garage was much more alluring than having to get into the car and drive to the gym. So out of bed I got!!

The treadmill is as good as the professional ones at the gym. Unfortunately I’d forgotten how much harder it is to run on the treadmill than to run outside. Running outside I can dictate how fast I run. If I want to slow down, I just slow down. On a treadmill, unless you keep playing around with the speed, you have to keep running at that speed!!

I only managed 5.5km before I had to stop and walk. I was absolutely cream crackered and was sweating like a dog!! But I loved the fact that I was running, albeit very slowly, but I was still out there running!!

At work we were all given MP3 players as Christmas presents. Everybody loved them. We also got Armbands to put the MP3 players in. Okay, both presents have the company name plastered all over them, but a free MP3 player is a free MP3 player. And guess who had the task of actually sourcing them and getting them sent over here!!

I need to go out looking for a Christmas dress. I’m hoping that I can find some time on Sunday to wander around the shops. I’ve got a 25% off voucher for Sussans and a 10% off voucher from Target. Just hope that there’s something nice in the shops. Our work xmas do is next Friday and I’d like to wear it for this and also on Xmas Day….stay tuned!

Boozy day tomorrow. The “Family” Xmas gathering at my parent’s house followed by an enjoyable afternoon at Michelle’s place. I know which one I’m going to enjoy more!!

Must remember to wrap everyone’s presents tonight!!