Exercise: 9.4km – MMCT

It was pleasantly warm at 6am this morning. Thought that it would be okay to add another km on to the run. Okay, it was on bitueman but was only about 600 metres – well 1200 metres if you count the return bit. But my knee felt quite good. Still a bit of a niggle but nothing worse than anything I’ve felt previously. I’ve been massaging it quite a bit myself when I’m sitting at my desk at work and it seems to releive a bit of the niggle.

I don’t understand some drivers. I’m sitting quietly at the traffic lights. I’m at the front of the traffic. There is a car in the lane next to me. The lights change and we move off, the car next to me accelerating quite fast. Then the person driving decides that they want to be in my lane, so they move over in front of me, which is not a problem for me as they’re a fair way in front, and then they slow right down!!! Aaaagghhh! I then have to move into the other lane to overtake them otherwise I’d have to brake and slow down, only to move back into the lane I was in so that I keep to the left. I’m sure they do it on purpose just to annoy me!!