Exercise: 8km Run – MMCT

My hands were so cold during this morning’s run along the MMCT. Even Michelle commented on how cold her hands were. I’ve just checked out Weatherzone and it was 2.6 degrees at 6am. No wonder they were cold!!

I take my hat off to anyone who ran in the heat we had over the weekend. Walking out into it was like walking into a brick wall. Hubby and I went to the cinema on Saturday afternoon, so we were sat in lovely air conditioning. We went for dinner afterwards and sat outside, but had to retreat inside after about 15 minutes as the heat was just so opressive.

Then on Sunday Alana had a birthday party at the Roller Skating rink, so we also got to sit in air conditined comfort for 3 hours. When we walked out of the place the cool change had arrived so we missed the majority of the heat.

My new treadmill is now sitting at home waiting for me to use it. I’m very excited. Just need to remember not to go too stupid with distance….10% rule, 10% rule!!

Alana’s Quote: “Mum, I’ve got the stitches!” (she had a stitch!)