Exercise: 8km Run – MMCT

The knee seems to be behaving itself. This morning it didn’t start niggling until the 6km mark.

The smoke from the bushfires is in the air. I walk outside and I can smell it and it’s very hazy. The sky looks a dull grey colour. I hope we get rain soon. This brings back memories of Ash Wednesday. It was very surreal. I can still remember the red glow over the city and the firece winds…..

I’ve eaten way too much crap food this week. I am now at the point where I have to get my weight back under control, as it’s really getting me down. There is always a weight limit for me that I will not go above and I’m at that limit now! Just need to get this overeating thing under control!!

On a good note, I’ve just bought a new treadmill. It’s this all singing, all dancing one. Hubby is picking it up on Monday so now there’s no excuses for not exercising. I’m going to cancel my gym membership too, as the cost of the membership over a year will pay for the treadmill.