Exercise: Netball Game

A really nice warm evening to play Netball (remember I’m not complaining about the heat….EVER!!). We played really well, but just not well enough. The other team were mainly basketballers and I think their goalers missed about 2 shots throughout the whole match, they were that good!! So we lost – but the good news is that we don’t have to move up to the next league.

I have now pulled out the Christmas Tree and all the decorations from under the house. Unfortunately this week is manic and I don’t have a free evening at all to help decorate the tree.

The kitchen guy is now back from his holiday and I’m tapping my fingers with impatience waiting for him to ring so that he can organise a time to come back and finish the kitchen!

Alana’s Quote: “HELLO!!” (as in “Yeah I already know that” sarcastic voice)