Exercise: 18km Bike Ride – Warby Trail

As I couldn’t run the distance this morning, thought it would be a good opportunity to get out the bike and enjoy a bit of a ride….okay it probably wasn’t a very sociable time to go out riding (7am), but it was good to catch up with the ESRG and it meant that Michelle had somebody to chat to while she was running.

It was a very cool morning, but at least it wasn’t raining. Got back to Mt Evelyn just before the heavens opened up….good timing!!

Was home by 9.30am so I still had the whole day to make the most of. Ironing was my priority today….but there’s only so much ironing a girl can do before she becomes a zombie!! And of course by the time I’d cleared a huge basket full, I’d filled another one with all the clean washing that I brought in off the line – it just never ends does it!!

Alana’s Quote: “So what’s wrong with you Mr Grumpy!!” (said to Hubby)