Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill, Weights – Legs

Okay so I would much rather have run outdoors this morning, but due to time constraints it was the gym that I headed for. Felt good running on the treadmill. The niggle still kicked in after about 3km but once again it didn’t get any worse as I continued. Also left the ITB strap at home to see if it was any worse not wearing it….no worse it seems!! I then did some strength work on my legs. Now I just need to find that tennis ball so I can roll around on it for a little while!!

Have been out trying to choose some floor tiles and wall tiles for the kitchen….how frustrating is it!! There are just so many to choose from, and of course the ones that I like the most for the floor cost $82 per sq metre – now we need to measure up to see exactly how much that actually equates to (gulp!). Probably going to go for coloured glass tiles on the wall. Have found a nice colour but once again we need to measure up to find out how much it’s going to cost us.

Went to Brand Smart while we were out. Picked up a bargain – Donnay bright pink Dri Fit top (well their equivalent anyway) for $20….love a bargain, me!! Also managed to find some more chrissie presents so can cross more people off the list to buy for.

Must get the decorations out of the garage tomorrow…..need to start feeling Christmassy soon ‘cos it hasn’t kicked in yet!!

Alana’s Quote: “He’s so not going to get through!” (watching American Idol)