Exercise: 7.9km Run – MMCT

Woo hoo! – That’s twice in one week that I’ve been out running, and with Michelle too. We had so much to catch up on. It’s amazing how quickly a run goes by when you’re chatting!

The knee is still a bit niggly but once I could feel the niggle it didn’t actually get any worse, and to be honest, by the end of the run it was hardly niggly at all. I think I just may have to live with the niggle for now. Just need to make sure that I do the stetching, strengthening, icing etc. Have a feeling that this is the only way that the niggle will go away!

Christmas is approaching very fast. Too fast in fact! I’m nearly all done with buying pressies, just a couple more to get, and of course they’re the hardest ones aren’t they!!

And with Christmas comes all the evening stuff – next week is horrendous. Netball on Monday night, Dinner with the sales team on Tuesday night, Drinks and Nibbles with the company that we book our flights with on Wednesday night – this should be a great evening though as it’s being held at the National Gallery. Getting my hair done on Thursday night as I can’t go on my normal Saturday as we’ve got the “Family Xmas Do”, then on Friday night Alana is singing with the school choir at Carols by Candlelight in the local park – so busy, busy, busy!

Alana’s Quote: “How does she do that thing with her hips – does she use special effects or something?” (said while Shakira was singing on the radio in the car).