Exercise: Spin Class

Great spin class this morning. Am really enjoying doing these classes. They’ve also got some RPM classes happening, but they’re in the evening and I’m not the most motivated person after 5pm!!

As you can guess by no posts, I didn’t do any real exercise on the weekend. I did, however, work out in the garden yesterday afternoon pulling weeds. I have neglected my back garden and now have the urge to clean it up and start planting things. I’ve taken a liking to roses for some reason and have a lovely apricot one waiting to be put in the ground. I also want to move some of my fuscias but until I clean up the garden beds, I can’t plant anything. So I’m working on it.

The Kitchen!! It’s finally in…YAY! But we have to wait until Wednesday for the plumber to plumb in the taps and the dishwasher, and also for the electrician to wire up the oven, hob and rangehood.

Then we have to choose the tiles we want for the walls and we’ve also decided to put tiles down on the floor. Then once all that’s done we have to paint the walls and put some new blinds up on the windows….then we move to the bathrooms and start all over again!!