Exercise: 4 Min Walk Warm Up, 26 Min Run, 4 Min Walk Warm Down, Shoulders

I couldn’t resist trying my luck again to see if my knee hurt. This morning it started to niggle at about the 25 min mark, and that was with wearing the ITB band. Maybe I didn’t have it strapped tight enough…..I really hope that was the only reason that the knee hurt. I WANT TO RUN!!

My body was urging me along, telling me to go faster, faster. I had so much energy I could have run for much longer. It was just my knee telling me to stop. I’m hoping that if I give it a couple of days rest that it’ll be good again on Monday. Will just have to wait and see.

Instead of using the Rolling Pin, I went to Clark Rubber and bought a Noodle, which I’ll have to cut down as it’s very long. Hopefully it won’t hurt as much but will still give the same massaging action.

And my kitchen goes in tomorrow – we currently have nothing in the kitchen, it’s empty, which means that I can’t cook anything – bummer!! Takeaway here we come!